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The many aspects of software localisation

Software localisation includes the adaptation of the entire software contents to new markets, in particular to their linguistic and cultural customs. Localising a software product includes translating all texts and audio contents, and adapting contents to the local time, temperature and currency formats. This may also include the conversion of measurements into different systems (e.g. metric to imperial). A localisation strategy may also require adaptation to the locally applicable legal regulations, and to cultural preferences and customs (e.g. website colours or operation). Are you a software manufacturer and would like to know more about our expertise in localisation? Get in touch!

File formats we can translate include:

Other common types of document

If your required file format is not included on the list, please contact us. The IT specialists of 24technology usually find a solution, even for the most exotic of file formats.

Text files

Whether your file is in Microsoft Word, OpenDocument or is a simple text file: We support all common text formats.

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Spreadsheet formats

Many of our customers use Excel sheets to manage their texts and translations – we support this format, too.

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Would you like to have a presentation translated but could do without the laborious process of manually entering the translated text into your slides? Our translators will enter the completed translations straight into your PowerPoint file.

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Layout formats

Do you need “print-ready” brochure or flyer translations? Our in-house graphic designers will be pleased to assist.

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Graphics files

24translate also supports the translation of texts embedded in graphics. Please click here for an overview of the different formats.

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