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24translate’s sister company, 24technology, a well-established software development company, provides 24translate with a wide range of technical solutions to simplify and improve translation processes. Processes are sped up and the quality of translations is increased.

Our interfaces

Our computer interfaces enable the smooth exchange of data, without any laborious importing and exporting. This saves you time and money and eliminates the sources of errors inherent in manual workflows.

Digital asset management systems (DAM)

Plug-ins for your DAM software systems provide process automation for your translations

Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM)

Automated translation processes with DAM software plug-ins

Content management systems (CMS)

Our CMS interfaces for convenient website management

Our translation tools

As a leading translation agency, we use a number of different software solutions to guarantee consistently high translation quality and offer our customers the greatest possible convenience in the implementation of their translation orders.

Translation memory

Our own translation memory system as a guarantor of quality

Translation memory

Our self-developed translation memory system as a quality guarantor

Terminology management (glossaries)

Our glossary software guarantees consistency in the use of terminology.


A centralised translation management platform with a wide range of functions

Our support services

We provide support and customer care in the selection of CMS systems for multilingual environments and the development and optimisation of workflows on multilingual levels in the areas of language services and translation engineering. In order to reach a complete understanding of our customers and their requirements and expectations of us as their translation service provider, we start each complex customer project with an in-depth analysis of needs. We look in detail at factors such as customer processes, administrative structures, system landscapes and customer requirements. At the next stage, we develop new approaches to solutions in collaboration with our customer. These are then jointly implemented. More information

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