Our customer portals: tried-and-tested, user-friendly, reliable.

Our individual customer portals

With 24|portal, 24translate offers its customers a simple and convenient way to access all 24translate services from one central portal. Translation orders can be placed and monitored 24 hours a day. Authorised employees can upload new documents and configure the required parameters of a translation, such as language combination, subject area, quality level, delivery mode and more. Translation costs are automatically calculated for each order and quoted to the customer before the order is finally placed.

More efficiency and convenience

A number of other portal features ensure further efficiency gains: for example, all translation projects can be saved as reusable templates, so specific preferences do not need to be entered every time you place an order. Depending on the data classification selected by the customer, the portals also automatically trigger the security level applicable to the respective workflows. In the spirit of transparency, the portals give customers permanent access to their individual translation storage (24|tcm) and their company-specific glossaries managed by 24translate (24|term).


Your customer portal can be customised to your individual requirements

This can include tailoring to fit in with company-specific environments: portals can be visually adapted to the company CI, and processes such as ordering and invoicing can be designed to match the individual specifications of our customers.

More of our own translation tools

Translation memory system

Our self-developed translation memory system is an essential building block for the consistently high quality of our translations.

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We use regularly updated glossaries to guarantee the consistency of our translations and compliance with customer-specific terminology.

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Our centralised translation management platform incorporates all the functions of a modern translation management system, and can be expanded at any point via new modules.

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