24translate office: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Multilingual Switzerland

The Swiss Federation is a particularity within Europe in many respects. One of them is its multilingual nature: Switzerland has a total of four official national languages, German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic. The first three of these languages are of international significance. German and French are spoken across the globe; Italian has 65 million native speakers across the world. For the sake of comparison, there are another four countries in Europe (Austria, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) with four or more official languages, but in all of them these languages are regional and minority languages. Switzerland also plays a unique role in the global financial markets in the achievement and assurance of the highest quality standards. We see “Swissness” as a compliment, and a commitment to applying and continuously improving these standards to translation services and the associated workflows.

St. Gallen: the strongest 24translate location

Multilingualism is a fact of daily life in Switzerland. It seemed the perfect place for our translation services. In 2002, we opened our main Swiss office in St. Gallen, in German-speaking Switzerland. The opening of our office in Lugano, in Italian-speaking Switzerland, followed in 2007. Today, our Swiss company has grown to nearly 40 staff. Over 16 companies in the insurance and banking sector are regular customers.

Sublanguages in Switzerland

The purchasing power of the Swiss population is considerable, being one of the richest countries in the world. We provide a specialist service to our Swiss customers that includes translations from and into the language varieties spoken in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. These translations are done by Swiss mother-tongue specialist translators. This ensures that the texts address their Swiss target groups on their terms – a crucial factor particularly in marketing.

Where to find our office in Switzerland

24translate GmbH
Rittmeyerstr. 13, CH-9014 St. Gallen
Phone:  +41 (0)71 226 46 56
Fax:  +41 (0)71 226 46 57
Email:  info(at)24translate.ch 
Web:  www.24translate.ch

A selection of our services

24translate’s services include:

Subject areas

The right translation in every case: We have experienced specialist translators available for every industry and subject area.

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Be it a common English translation or an exotic language combination: with translations available into over 50 languages, we have the solution for you.

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Text services

A plain translation, or the no-worries all-in-one package including proofreading, editing or text revision: with 24translate, all your text services are available under one roof.

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Website translation service

Are you looking for the right partner for your internationalisation strategy? Find out more about our website translation expertise!

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Quality levels

Our standard: two-stage translation according to the double-checking principle. Do you need your text to be perfect in style and adapted precisely to your target group? In these cases, we recommend our three-stage approach.

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File formats

With the help of its very own conversion software, 24|xliff, 24translate does not only support all prevalent file formats; we also provide our customers’ finished translations in the same format as the source text.

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Express translation service

Be it standard delivery within three to five days or our express translation service within a few hours: you order, we deliver!

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Certified translation services

Sworn translators are indispensable in many legal contexts. 24translate can provide certified translation services in all subject areas.

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Find out more about our very own translation and terminology management tools and about convenient order management via our customisable customer portals and 24|contenthub!

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Are you looking to automate your translation management and save time and money? Find out about our computer interface technology here.

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