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Search engine-optimised translations for successful international marketing

The translation of company websites has been one of 24translate’s core competences for a long time. For many companies, their international, multilingual online presentation is increasingly becoming a primary marketing tool. Websites should not just be attractive to read, they need to be found in the first place. 24translate has worked with SEO experts to develop a new, innovative product that delivers just that: the SEO translation service.

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Search engine users tend to select a website shown on the first page of the search results when they are looking for specific products or services. If you want your products and services to be found online (by your target group), your website needs to be so attractive to a search engine that it is shown as one of the top ten results – in each relevant target country.

SEO service procedures

A number of different procedures are applied to provide our customised SEO services. Many will start with your original website: the adaptation of contents and use of particular keywords are key. However, most importantly, all these measures must be focused specifically on the individual target language or the market in question. A simple translation is unlikely to yield the desired results. This is because the target-language country will not only differ in terms of language; customs around choice of search engine and search behaviours of users can also vary significantly. A translation that is accurate in terms of content will therefore not necessarily be a path to success. Keyword search volume, i.e. the number of searches made using a particular term, will be just as important.

The 24translate SEO process: how we work

As with our other products and services, we take a modular approach to SEO translation to make sure that we cater specifically to the requirements of each individual customer’s website. Our specially trained SEO translators and our innovative SEO software ensure that we can provide the right solution in any circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements!

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