24technology: our in-house technology partner

24technology is a software company for the translation industry, founded in 2011. By 2010, the development and technology department of 24translate had grown so much that it made sense to set it up as its own company. The spin-off 24technology was founded. 24technology develops software solutions to facilitate the efficient management of translation projects. The developed applications both assist large companies in the handling of source documents which are to be translated, and translation agencies in service provision.

The 24technology approach


24technology believes that only companies that adapt quickly to a rapidly changing environment will have sustained market success. This is why 24technology has developed into a learning organisation. Agile methods such as Scrum, Kaizen, employee participation and lean management are employed to achieve our aim.


A learning organisation is based on its staff. 24technology places the greatest emphasis on a culture of open feedback, mutual support and self-organisation. Performance-based, participative personnel management and permanent training and continued professional development create an environment in which both staff and the organisation as a whole are constantly progressing.


24technology’s long-term market success is based on the development of solutions that add great value for its customers and the entire industry. Its success is not only measured in financial figures such as turnover and margins. We care about the personal development of our employees. 24technology’s objective is to be seen as a progressive, attractive employer and provider of software solutions and to become more widely known.


Our service portfolio includes a large selection of different...

Subject areas

The right translation in every case: We have experienced specialist translators available for every industry and subject area.

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Language combinations

Be it a common English translation or an exotic language combination: with translations available into over 50 languages, we have the solution for you.

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Text services

A plain translation, or the no-worries all-in-one package including proofreading, editing or text revision services: with 24translate, all your text services are available under one roof.

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Delivery modes

Be it standard delivery within three to five days or our express translation service within a few hours: you order, we deliver!

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Are you looking to automate your translation management and save time and money? Find out about our computer interface technology here.

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