Translation management for PIM systems

Central data management with a PIM system

Product information management systems (PIM systems) are frequently used as a complement to enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems) and allow companies who trade in a large number of different products to store their data in a central location and distribute them from there to other systems (e.g. content management systems). PIM systems ensure that all company product data are managed, i.e. kept complete and up to date, as conveniently as possible, and allow access to the data to be managed through a permissions system.

Product data and their translation

Global competition and increasingly information-hungry customers are contributing to the rising importance of the translation of product data. Connecting your PIM system with the 24translate translation management system (TMS) ensures that the translations of product data such as packaging information, operating instructions and marketing texts are kept up to date at all times, and are commissioned and managed conveniently in one central location. This is crucial, especially if the PIM system also feeds information to other systems such as CMS, online shops or apps.

Benefits: How does the PIM interface solution work?

Via an interface, any number of texts can be sent straight from your PIM system to 24translate with a click of the mouse. As soon as the translations are finished, they can be imported back to your system. This puts an end to tiresome copy-and-pasting and text formatting. As another, crucial advantage, our system automatically recognises even small changes in the text. This means that only the segments which have been changed will be translated, instead of the entire text, resulting in cost savings in your translation management.


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24translate only uses qualified translators who are specialists of their respective industries and and subject areas.

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