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The use of translation memory systems (or TMS for short) is a crucial contributor to quality assurance in modern translation service provision. They function as translation databases which store all existing translations of one customer in the form of text segments and then make them available to translators for the translation of new documents. This ensures that text fragments, phrases and specific terms which have already been translated will be used again in the same way across different documents, ensuring both consistency and translation efficiency – and, in turn, cost savings in the translation process. In order to exploit the full benefits of these systems, 24translate together with 24technology developed its own TMS with unique functionalities early on: 24|tcm.


Translation memory systems, including glossaries, are a helpful and effective tool in the translation process. However, the decision on how to translate a particular sentence fragment is always down to the individual translator. The software does not replace the translators, but assists them in their work by providing intelligent storage and search functions. The system remains dependent on the expert work of specialist translators: only a translation memory that has been fed intelligent translations will supply sensible suggestions for future translations.

In practice, translation memories combine individual translation segments into language pairs, consisting of the source and the target text version of the same segment. These are stored and automatically brought up as a suggestion the next time the translator is presented with an identical or similar text passage. All translators who work for one particular company will be working with the same translation memory. This saves the translator a great deal of research work, but also ensures that specific terms or phrases are translated in the exactly same way in future translations and across different translators.

24|tcm in action

24translate maintains a separate translation memory for each customer. If you have existing translations available when you move to us as your translation service provider, we will be happy to include those translations in your translation memory. Every new translation we complete for you will likewise be stored in the translation memory. A number of interfaces and tools (e.g. our customer portal) give you access to your translation memory at all times to view existing translations.

The benefits of a translation memory system

  • Higher translation efficiency through the prevention of duplicate translations: translation memories enable our translators to concentrate on the new text segments which have not previously been translated.
  • Time and cost savings for our customers: translations can be delivered more quickly and are significantly cheaper.
  • Quality assurance: the consistency of content and terminology across translations is guaranteed at all times.

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