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The international success of any product of Swiss engineering depends on the quality of translation of the associated documents. Just one translation error in a manual may lead to a defective machine or, worst-case scenario, to personal injury.

Technical translations by 24translate

Specialist translators for all industries

Technical advances constantly produce new terminology. Existing terms change their meaning. Our specialist technical translators meet this challenge with a combination of solid technical expertise in their specialist subject area, such as plant construction, metrology or aerospace engineering, with professional language skills. They have either completed additional training, for example in engineering, or hold additional specialist qualifications. Our translators understand complex technical texts such as manuals or technical documentation, and are able to transfer them accurately into the target language – no matter whether the subject is wind power plants, combustion engines, water turbines or multicopters.

Types of industries and documents

The industries and subject areas covered by our specialist translation service include:

Translation offer

Have you seen all you need and would like to order the translation of your technical documents directly online? Nothing could be easier: request your individual translation quote with just a few clicks.

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Marketing & PR translations

Our marketing translators will ensure that your products are not only understood, but also bought.

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Terminology management

The quality of translation in technical subject areas stands or falls by the precise translation of the respective specialist terminology. Our terminology management system plays a crucial role in this process.

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Website translation service

Are you looking for the right partner for your internationalisation strategy? Find out more about our website translation expertise!

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CMS connectors

Do you currently operate or are you planning a multilingual website with dynamic content? Discover how our innovative plug-ins can streamline your translation management!

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File formats

Whether XML, Excel spreadsheets or InDesign layouts: Our smart conversion software allows us to process all common file formats.

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