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With around 278 million native and second-language speakers, Russian remains a global language. Russian is not just an official UN language but also an official language in ten countries, which lends it significant importance in world trade.

A member of the Slavic family of languages

In the family of Slavic languages, Russian, alongside Ukrainian and Belorussian, belongs to the East Slavic languages and uses the Cyrillic script. Russian is strongly inflexional, meaning that, in a similar way to other Slavic languages and to German, nouns, adjectives and pronouns are declined according to case, singular/plural and gender. Learning and using Russian requires special dedication and attention to detail – skills in which our specialist translators excel. We have a large number of mother-tongue Russian translators available who will translate your texts into Russian.

Specialist Russian translation services

24translate provides high-quality specialist translations both for German into Russian and Russian into German. We also support a large number of other language combinations with Russian as the source or target language:

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