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Specialised translators

Our legal translators additionally command specialist knowledge of specific legal subject areas. Do you need a translation of a contract of sale, an employment contract, or an expert report for insurance purposes? We will put together a team of specialist translators with particular expertise in the translation of texts from the relevant area of law. A commercial power of attorney from German into French, say, will be translated by a team of specialist translators with expertise in both German and French civil law who will accurately transpose the relevant terminology into the target language. We also have a large number of sworn translators available for certified translations and translations certified by apostille.

Translations for all legal systems

Professional legal translators do not only have perfect command of the terminology of their source and target languages, they are also well versed in the intricacies of the legal systems both of the country of the source language and the country of the target language. This is of elementary importance. The legal systems of different countries, and the terminologies that go along with them, can vary enormously. In the course of translation, legal texts undergo an adaptation to the legal order in which they are to operate. This may require expert paraphrasing and rewording.

Our translation services include

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Other services & additional information

Find out here about other translation-related topics which we have found to be of special interest to our customers.

Security & confidentiality

Find out more about how we handle your confidential documents and guarantee the protection of your data at all times.

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Terminology management

Our glossary databases ensure that your legal translations are flawless – i.e., accurate reflections both of their internal purpose and the area of law in question.

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Translation quality

Find out more about the way we work, our strict selection process for specialist translators, and our quality assurance measures!

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Translation quality

Learn more about our working methods, rigorous vetting process for specialist translators and quality assurance measures!

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Text services

Find out more about our text services, such as editing, proofreading and copyediting!

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