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24translate supports the translation and localisation of your website

24translate is one of the first translation service providers in Germany and Switzerland to specialise in the translation of websites and online shops. Our internal software development division, 24technology, combines years of experience in the translation of specialist texts with extensive technical know-how. Our customers can also choose between several different implementation routes for their website translation, depending on size, number of languages, content dynamics and the customer’s content management system (CMS). We also offer our customers real localisation: website content is not just translated but also edited in accordance with the customs and specific requirements of the target-language country.

Learn more about the following in this free whitepaper:

  • Steps and building blocks important for successful website localisation
  • How to create an international URL and have contents translated professionally
  • How to assess the local relevance of your contents
  • How to save costs in the right place during international roll-out
  • Case study: tesa SE’s website localisation into over 24 different languages


Download the whitepaper here.

Translation workflows for websites

Our website translation services include:

Fully automated workflows

These achieve huge efficiency gains for large, content-heavy multilingual websites. We use interfaces and plug-ins to deliver the entire translation management of your website. More about our CMS interfaces can be found here.

Partially-automated workflows

Most websites are now managed through a CMS. Many CMS systems offer their users the convenience of simplified export and import of contents, e.g. in XML or XLIFF format. We are able to process these formats and return the completed translations in the same format. All you will need to do is import the files to the respective language version of your website.

Manual workflows

Manual workflows are particularly suitable for smaller websites without regular content updates which have been created without a CMS (e.g. using a website creation kit). In this case, you just send us the content, e.g. as an HTML or PHP file, and we will return the translated pages in the same format.

Find more information about website translation here:

Our other text services

SEO translation

Do you want to make sure that your translated website can be found in all search engines and in all languages? Find out more about our SEO expertise!

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CMS interfaces

Are you operating or planning a multi-language website with highly dynamic content? Find out here about our innovative plug-ins to optimise your translation management!

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Marketing translations

Our marketing translators will ensure that your products are not only understood, but also bought.

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Transcreation (= “TRANSlation” + “CREATION”) is the process used by specially trained translators to adapt your marketing materials to the particularities of other target groups and cultures. Find out more here!

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English translations

Alongside many other languages, 24translate offers translations from English into German and German into English – for all industries and subject areas.

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