Computer interface technology by 24translate for intelligent translation management

Plug-ins for your software systems

24translate offers its customers more than “just” translations: our modern computer interface technology enables customers to implement fast and convenient workflows as part of their digital translation management. With our plug-ins, you can send us translation orders straight from your company’s software environment and receive all translations straight back into your system in the original format. This not only shortens the time to market, but also reduces the error rate by eliminating media breaks. 

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CMS plug-ins

With the CMS plug-in from 24translate, sending and receiving your translation orders is a matter of a few clicks.

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PIM plug-ins

With the PIM plug-in from 24translate, sending and receiving your product translations is done with one click.

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DAM plug-ins

Plug-ins for your DAM software systems provide process automation for your translations

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