Specialist editing by experienced editors & translation experts

Professional editing can make all the difference

Are you unsure whether your text needs editing? If your text is a translation by a non-native speaker, we would always recommend professional editing. However, any texts that are destined to be published and where style is an important factor are likely to benefit from editing.

What does an editor do?

Our language experts are not only excellent translators, they also have an exceptional feel for the finer points of their language, which enables them to provide editing services. Editors will focus on spelling, grammar, expression and style. The more information editors are given about the text, its purpose and target group, the better they will be able to adapt the text to its aim. Editors will not only correct objective mistakes, they will also optimise the style of a text.

Who will edit my text?

Just as for translations, we only use specialist language experts for our editing: A specialist legal translator will edit a contract, whereas a trade fair publication will be edited by a specialist in marketing translation. If the text to be edited is a translation, the text will be checked against the original if available.

Our other text services


Consistently high translation quality relies on a regular post-translation proofreading stage as standard. Find out more here!

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Copyediting service:

At your request, 24translate will provide copyediting of completed translations according to specialist subject requirements or particular style (journalistic) criteria. Find an overview of our copyediting services here.

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Transcreation (= “TRANSlation” + “CREATION”) is the process used by specially trained translators to adapt your marketing materials to the particularities of other target groups and cultures. Find out more here!

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Do you need your translations to be validated by colleagues in branches and subsidiaries in the target-language countries in question? Find out more here about our established validation services.

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SEO translation

Do you want to make sure that your translated website can be found in all search engines and in all languages? Find out more about our SEO expertise!

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