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Translations that are correct in terms of content and appealing in terms of style are, of course, the first priority of a translation service provider in ensuring customer satisfaction. And yet, we aim higher. In addition to a quality translation, we ensure that the customer’s work pre- and post-translation is reduced to a minimum. Such work can include the handling of the numerous different file formats which are used today, which tend to require conversion into new file formats and subsequent re-formatting.

Our solution: 24|xliff

Reducing the outlay involved here is the joint goal of 24translate together with our sister company 24technology. Our aim: making our software and processes compatible with all common file formats. This is why we have developed 24|xliff, a software which enables us to work with almost every common software format. It converts our customers’ source texts into a format that is readable in all common translation tools and converts them back to the customers’ original format once the translation is done. This means: our customers send in their documents to be translated, and we send back the finished translation in the same format, whether it is Word, PowerPoint, InDesign or XML. Conversion and formatting on the part of the customer is reduced to zero.

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An overview of common file formats

The following pages provide more information about the most common file formats that we support. If the list does not contain a format you regularly work with, please contact us. In general, there is no such thing as “can’t be done”.

Software localisation

Software localisation means the adaptation of software to the linguistic and cultural circumstances of another country. Benefit from our expertise in this area!

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Spreadsheet formats

Many of our customers use Excel sheets to manage their texts and translations – we support this format, too.

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Would you like to have a presentation translated but could do without the laborious process of manually entering the translated text into your slides? Our translators will enter the completed translations straight into your PowerPoint file.

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Layout formats

Do you need “print-ready” brochure or flyer translations? Our in-house graphic designers will be pleased to assist.

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Graphics files

24translate also supports the translation of texts embedded in graphics. Please click here for an overview of the different formats.

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Software localisation

Software localisation refers to the adaptation of software to the linguistic and cultural conditions of other countries. Turn our experience in this field into your profit!

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