Translation tools for quality assurance and order implementation

Translation memory, glossaries & more

At 24translate, we rely on translation tools specifically developed by us to guarantee the high quality of our translations in the long term. Translation memory systems and glossaries support our translators in their work and ensure that translations are consistent with each other while also lowering costs for our customers.  Our individual customer portals and our translation automation platform 24|contenthub turn our customers’ translation management into one smooth process, from placing the translation order to invoicing. 

Our translation tools in detail:

Customer portals

Our customer portals, tailored to the requirements of each customer, offer convenient options for order and invoice management.

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Translation memory system

Our very own translation memory system is one of the most important pillars for the consistently high quality of our translations.

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We use regularly updated glossaries to guarantee the consistency of our translations and compliance with customer-specific terminology.

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Our centralised translation management platform incorporates all the functions of a modern translation management system, and can be expanded at any point via new modules.

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