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One of the 10 most-spoken languages in the world: Japanese

Japanese is spoken by around 127 million people in the world, ranking within the top 10 of most-spoken languages globally. Almost all Japanese-speakers are native speakers who live in Japan or as part of minority populations in the US and South America. With no less than four different scripts, written Japanese is a big challenge when learning the language. Alongside Chinese script, known as Kanji, Japanese uses the derivative syllabaries Hiragana and Katakana, as well as the Latin alphabet (Romaji). The different scripts are used in parallel depending on the purpose of the text. Loan or foreign words are, for example, generally spelled in Katakana.

Particularities of the Japanese language

Unlike most Indo-Germanic languages, Japanese is an agglutinative language. Agglutinative languages are characterised by affixes which are added to words to denominate the grammatical function (such as case, singular or plural, or gender) of a noun or verb. Unlike fusional languages, such as German or Latin, agglutinative languages use a separate affix for each grammatical category. This means that circumstances which require an entire sentence in German can be expressed in one word in Japanese.

Specialist Japanese translation services

We translate your documents both from Japanese into German and from German into Japanese with established 24translate quality. We also offer translations in many other language combinations:


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