Translation management for DAM systems

What do DAM systems do?

Digital asset management systems (DAM systems) enable digital content such as texts, images, sound and video files to be stored and managed centrally. DAM systems belong to the family of content management systems. The system works with a database in the background which manages all files and the associated meta data. A permissions system manages the exchange with other systems and the (partially automated) access of (web) CMS, PIM systems and online shops to the stored data. This can, for example, facilitate the creation and coordination of sales and marketing literature (customer magazines).

DAM translation interfaces:
the example of CENSHARE

Alongside many other components, ECMS software censhare also has an integrated DAM module. This integrates all media (information) of a company into one database, structures it, and manages the (automated) access of other systems. By way of a central interface that provides all information relevant to translation in XLIFF format, censhare can be connected to the 24translate translation management system. This enables a translation, e.g. of a customer magazine in Adobe InCopy format, to be managed at the same time as the magazine is created. Our solution supports a diverse range of customer workflows (e.g. subsequent or parallel translation), maintains the connection between the original texts and their localised versions, and ensures that company terminology is observed and duplicate translations are avoided.


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