Translation management for content management systems (CMS)

What is a CMS?

Content management systems (CMS) are now used for nearly all websites. They are particularly useful for large, ramified websites with a large number of sub-pages, where they facilitate the content maintenance performed by the administrator or content manager. When contents are changed, the basic HTML code no longer needs changing; instead, (new) texts or images can be embedded and changed easily in a protected area, known as the “back end”, by way of a WYSIWYG* editor. A virtually endless variety of content management systems is available on the market now. Some of the most popular CMS are available free of charge as open source projects (e.g. Typo3, WordPress or Drupal).
* “What you see is what you get” – the process is not unlike entering text into programmes such as Microsoft Word.

How do our CMS plug-ins work?

Our CMS plug-ins enable you to manage the foreign-language versions of your website directly from your content management system. All texts that are already available in the source language (e.g. German) can be sent to us for translation directly via the back end, all with one click. We will send the translations into the required target languages directly back to your CMS. All that remains to do is for the administrator or website content manager to review and then publish the contents.

What are the advantages of our plug-ins, and who can benefit from them?

Our CMS interfaces are particularly recommended for large, dynamic and content-heavy websites with several language versions. Specifically, that means: the more frequently large volumes of text have to be translated into more than one language, the more time can be saved by applying our solution. Our plug-ins put an end to laborious and error-prone import and export processes and time-intensive formatting.

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