Data security & confidentiality

Data security

Data security is extremely important to 24translate, not least because many of our customers work in the finance and insurance sectors. As a basis, our entire IT follows the methodology of the “IT Grundschutz” basic protection catalogue published by the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC):

Security through SSL encryption

We guarantee the highest security standards in the handling and processing of your data. You as our customer must be able to rely entirely both on our discretion and on the secure handling of your documents. All our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement, which applies in every case. To ensure your documents never fall into the wrong hands, we apply AES 256-bit SSL encryption during data transmission. This is the same high level of security you find, for example, in online banking. The document you send to be translated never leaves our system until we deliver the finished translation to you. Our translators log in to our system via encrypted connections and process your translation from there. The finished translation is then available to our project managers within the system, where final checks are made. We do not consider the usual transmission of files via unencrypted email servers an option at any point in the translation process. Security is important to us.


Our translators have been committed to absolute confidentiality. We will be happy to provide you with written confirmation of the respective confidentiality agreements if required. We take it as a matter of course that the discrete handling of your documents is of importance to you. All our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement that guarantees this very discretion in every case. This service is entirely free of charge to you, and imperative to us. If required for a particular order, we will be happy to provide you with written additional confirmation that all parties involved in processing your documents observe absolute secrecy.

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