Standard translation delivery

Delivery within three to five working days

Generally, the more time we are given to perform a task, the better the results. That does of course apply to translations – but it does not mean you will have to wait forever for a good translation. One team of specialist translators, consisting of one mother-tongue specialist translator and one mother-tongue proofreader, can translate around 200 DIN lines per day. One DIN line is equivalent to 55 keystrokes (characters including spaces) of the Latin alphabet. For, say, the translation of a 30-page annual report, we would need around four to five working days, depending on formatting, level of difficulty and language combination. The more complex and extensive the text and the more exotic the language combination, the more time the translation will need.

An overview of our other delivery speeds.

Find more detailed information about our other delivery speeds here.

Express delivery (3h+)

Orders of express translations are delivered within a few hours.

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24-hour delivery

If you choose 24-hour delivery, your translation will be available the next working day, depending on the time you place your order.

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48-hour delivery

Translations in 48-hour delivery mode will be delivered within two working days.

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