24translate: our quality management

Our performance standard

As a service provider, our success depends on a host of factors. As the interface between discerning customers and highly qualified language experts from all over the world, it is our task to employ

  • maximum commitment,
  • solid expertise, and
  • a clear and positive communication structure

to ensure smooth translation processes. Only customers who are satisfied will continue to place orders with us. Our vision goes further. Only customers who are delighted, who are more than satisfied, will recommend us onward, and only suppliers who love to work with us will give their best for us and our customers.

The crucial success factor: our staff

We pursue our aims through

  • excellent quality
  • flexible service
  • cost transparency, and
  • competent translation consultations.

Our staff have a very special role at 24translate. Their work is the decisive factor for our company success. Our colleagues work hand in hand in an international team to meet very high standards. Clearly defined processes allow every employee an awareness of the overall company context and show each individual their position and importance in the value creation chain. Our processes are constantly reviewed. We consider change a sign of progress and are not afraid of challenges and innovation.

Quality management according to ISO 9001.

24translate continuously optimises its processes in accordance with the quality management standard ISO 9001. This means that we are permanently adapting to the changing needs of our customers and interested parties. We aim for lasting relationships with our customers and interested parties in order to secure their long-term custom. Customer focus and supplier care are at the core of everything we do at 24translate. We aim to make the translation market more transparent for customers and interested parties and provide perfect translations. This objective is pursued through constructive and trusting collaboration, both with our customers and with every employee and freelancer at 24translate.

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