As one of the leading international translation service providers, 24translate has been connecting German and Swiss SMEs and major corporations with the entire world for two decades. Global market leaders such as tesa, Feintool, ThyssenKrupp, UBS, Hilti, Raiffeisen and Swisscom rely on our technology and expertise in the development of new markets. 24translate customers have access to all components of our established translation management at any time and may trust in consistent quality and reliability.

Our translation categories

Every translation project is unique; the documents to be translated, the way they are used, and the service and quality requirements are extremely varied. The following translation categories are available to ensure that your translation flight with 24translate meets all of your requirements.

24 economy Quality

24 | economy


  • For tight budgetst
  • For internal use
  • For accurate content


  • Use of professional translators
  • Incl. proofreading
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Automated order monitoring
  • Language technology tools
  • Maximum data security and confidentiality

CHF 0.24
per word

24 business Quality

24 | business


  • For day-to-day business
  • For client- and project-specific requirements
  • For standard tone and style requirements
  • For external use
  • For accurate content and correct, consistent terminology


  • Use of specialised professional translators
  • Incl. editing
  • Automated and manual quality assurance
  • Automated and manual order monitoring
  • Specific language technology tools
  • Maximum data security and confidentiality

CHF 0.36
per word

24 first Quality

24 | first


  • When only the best is good enough
  • For premium client- and projectspecific requirements
  • For specific tone and style requirements
  • For external use
  • For flawless content and correct, consistent terminology


  • Use of subject matter expert translators
  • Incl. editing and revision
  • Extended automated and manual quality assurance
  • Extended automated and manual order monitoring
  • Specific language technology tools
  • Maximum data security and confidentiality

CHF 0.42
per word

Do you need an exclusive translation solution? Let’s upgrade!

For particularly individual quality requirements and regular, larger translation volumes, we can customise our translation categories in line with your specific needs. With 24|economyPlus, 24|businessPlus and 24|firstPlus, we can prepare a customised translation solution for you.

Translation offer

Use our order portal and integrated online price calculator and see how you can benefit from our attractive terms.

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"24Translate won the LT-Innovate Award for its outstanding track record in combining cutting edge technology and superlative translation services". Philippe Wacker, LTI-Innovate

Translations by 24translate for more sustainability and climate protection

24translate uses the most sustainable data centre in Switzerland for its data storage and has been certified as a climate-neutral company since 2012. As the official translation partner, every year 24translate covers some of the costs of language and translation services provided to myclimate. This allows 24translate to offset some of its CO2 emissions, as investments are made in international climate protection projects, which in turn also makes a contribution towards the sustainable development of our planet.




The extra mile:

our staff and their commitment. Be it exotic language combinations, the translation of large amounts of text within a short time, the coordination of large projects, or additional text services such as website translation and translation validation – available around the clock, our staff members make it possible.


Still our core expertise:

technical translations and text services for all industries/subject areas and language combinations.
Our own innovative tools and a certified QM system allow us to achieve an exceptionally high rate of customer satisfaction.


Simply indispensable in today’s world:

technical expertise and individual software solutions.
Be it the electronic ordering portal or the plug-ins and interface technology
for automated text transmission: our software ensures smooth data exchange and saves customers plenty of time and money.

Technical translations for all industries and subject areas

Technical translation

This means: We guarantee that a specialist technical translator will be used for every one of your translation projects. Our large pool of translators and our strict selection criteria ensure that we have proven specialists available for any sector and any subject area. For more information about our technical translation services and a selection of our subject areas, please click here.


More information about our technical translation services for industries such as mechanical engineering, tool building, and automotive, and the translation of your technical documents.

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Industry & Technology

Learn more about our specialist translations for industries such as mechanical engineering, equipment manufacturing and automotive, as well as technical translations.

Find out more

Marketing & PR

More information about our technical translation services for the marketing and public relations sector.

Find out more


More information about our technical translation services for legal documents such as contracts or terms and conditions.

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IT & telecommunications

More information about our technical translation services for the information and telecommunications sector specifically, and digital matters in general.

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24translate in numbers

Our services include:

Website translation service

Would you like to have your website translated and want to make the process as simple as possible?

Website Translations

Are you looking for a straightforward translation of your website?

SEO translation service

Would you like to make sure that your translated website can be found on Google and other search engines?

Translation validation service

Do you find you lose track of things when it comes to large translation projects that involve lots of people?

Copyediting service

We will add the final touches to your translation.


Our technology department provides plug-ins for your software systems to allow your translation orders to be processed more quickly and efficiently.


Do you need to make sure that your marketing text has the desired effects abroad?

Exotic target languages

Would you like your documents translated not only into English, but also into Hungarian?

Technical translation consultation

Technical translation consultation and project management for complex customer requirements

Translation agency 24translate – Your premium translation service

24translate is a premium translation agency based in Hamburg and St. Gallen. We specialise in the professional translation of technical texts for business customers. Providing you with a top-quality translation is our highest priority. In the world of business, translations must be flawless, and companies need a translation service they can rely on.

We do get asked why we still need translation agencies, when numerous online services will offer you, say, an English/German translation free of charge. We believe that a translation service provider takes on a very significant responsibility: we are tasked with carrying your message just the way you intended it to be. To live up to the high standards you expect from us, we have developed and implemented a number of quality provisions.

These quality provisions include our long-standing native country principle. It is important to us that your translator lives in the country of your target language. By translating in accordance with the native country principle, we ensure that the language used in your translations is absolutely up to date. As a translation agency, we know that language usage can change within only a few years. On top of that, the idioms and spelling of the same language may vary in different countries: if your German/Spanish translation is to be read in South America, we will provide a different translator than for a translation which is to be read in Spain. In addition, we work according to our Triple-checkingPlus principle: your translation will be subjected to the diligent eyes of three qualified language experts.

So if you are looking for a professional translation service or translation agency, you have come to the right place. 

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